The Surgery

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Appointments – During Covid 19


If you wish to see the Doctor or Practice Nurse please phone the receptionist on 01747 840226. 

Patients requesting a GP appointment will be booked by the receptionist for a telephone consultation.  The GP will assess whether or not you need to attend the surgery.  Often the situation can be dealt with over the phone.  If you need to be seen you will be.

The Practice Nurses are seeing most patients, but currently, during covid19, do not carry out Ear Syringing or Spirometry’s. 

Most Asthma reviews are being done over the telephone at the moment.  You can ask for a peak flow meter.  We also have the facility to do video consultations so that the Practice Nurse can see the technique you use when using your inhaler/s.

Please contact the surgery on 01747 840226 if you have any concerns regarding your health.

Dr Harding has surgeries on: Monday morning.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings and evenings, Friday Morning and Afternoon

Dr. Moyra Reid: Telephone Consultations only during Covid19

Dr. Tamsin Graham: Monday Mornings, Wednesday Mornings and Friday Mornings (during Covid19)  (during school term time only)

Monday Evening Surgery at Maiden Bradley, has been suspended due to Covid19

Practice Nurse Appointments are divided into ‘time zones’. The early morning appointments are reserved for blood tests so that samples may be sent to the Hospital Lab for testing on the same day. Later morning appointments, after 11.30, are for other routine appointments. There are late afternoon and early evening appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Home visits

If you are too ill to attend the surgery and that a home visit from the doctor is necessary, please phone the Surgery before 10.30 am. The Doctor will phone before visiting.

Telephone advice

Messages and queries may be passed on by the Receptionist, 01747 840226.

Practice Nurses are not generally available to receive phone calls but reception staff will pass on messages and requests for advice or information. The Nurses will respond when they are available.