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Wearing of Face Coverings

In some parts of the UK, it is now the law that people wear a face covering in certain places. These include shops, supermarkets, hospitals and on public transport, although it depends where in the UK you are, as there’s different guidance in each of the 4 nations.

There’s evidence that wearing a face mask/covering can protect others around you if you have coronavirus.  If you have concerns about wearing a face covering and are asthmatic please go to the web site link below,, for helpful advice and details of exemption cards.

Silton Surgery is not able to supply patients with an exemption card/letter.

Here is a link where you can print out your own exemption card if it is appropriate to do so:

We have also put a link to the government website page regarding the new rules on wearing face coverings.…at-should-people-with-asthma-do-now/#Facemask