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Over 10,000 covid 19 vaccinations given at Wilton!!

Covid 19 Vaccinations at the Michael Herbert Hall Wilton

We have received an update from Dr Fiona Dawe GP,  Sarum West PCN Clinical Director.

We have now given 10,000 vaccinations.   This is a huge milestone for such a small operation and we are incredibly proud of our team of doctors, nurses, volunteers, students and our admin staff for all their hard work to achieve this.

Please click on the links below to see more information on the wonderful service that the team at Wilton have been providing.


Why Wiltshire’s vaccine rollout has hit another milestone | Salisbury Journal<>

The rollout of the Covid vaccine in south Wiltshire has reached another milestone. At the weekend, it was revealed that staff and volunteers at the large-scale site at City Hall had administered 10,000 jabs. Today (February 25), the NHS confirmed that GP practices in the Sarum West Primary Care …