New Defibrillator and 24 hour ECG machine

Silton Surgery would like to thank Bourton and Silton Charity for the very generous donation to help us buy life saving equipment in the form of a new defibrillator and a 24 hours ECG machine.

The defibrillator sends an electric pulse or shock to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat following life threatening cardiac arrhythmias. If a heart suddenly stops the defibrillator can help it beat again.

The 24 hour ECG machine can be attached to someone’s chest for 24 hours to continuously record an electrocardiogram (ECG).  It can check for any irregular heartbeats or palpitations that don’t happen very often.  This can help diagnose heart conditions and get people the correct treatment and medication.  Therefore helping save lives and also saving our patients travelling to Salisbury Hospital for this test.

So thank you Bourton and Silton charity for these very kind an useful donation which will help the local community.