Influenza Vaccinations

We would encourage all those who are eligible to receive a free NHS influenza vaccination to book in for one. If you are unfortunate enough to have flu and then get Coronavirus you would very likely become extremely unwell and require admission to hospital.  Primary care such as GP surgeries, are trying very hard to protect secondary care Hospitals, from becoming overwhelmed during this winters flu season.

If you are eligible for an NHS flu vaccination please contact the surgery 01747 840226 and book an appointment.  We are not holding any ‘walk in’ clinics this year.  From 01.12.20 we can also vaccinate those in the 50-64 age group. 

When attending for your flu vaccination please wear a face covering/face mask.  Use a hand sanitiser, these are situated just inside all of our entrances and exits.  Wear clothing that means the clinician can easily administer the vaccine into your arm.  Please keep at least 2 metres away from anyone else waiting outside who is not in your household.