Bringing samples into the Surgery

You may be asked by the Surgery to bring in a urine or stool sample, or you may bring one in because you think you may have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), please be aware that this should be in a suitable container.  You can collect a suitable container from the receptionist.  If a sample is brought in to the surgery in an unsuitable container you will have to decant it in the patient WC, or take it home to do so.

If you bring a urine sample into the Surgery please help us by indicating why you have brought a urine sample to the Surgery by completing a form that the receptionist can give you, or you can download here: URINE SAMPLE FORMS New Version 11.06.2018

This is to ensure that the sample is handled and processed correctly.  So if you ask a friend or relative to bring the sample in you will need to tell them the reason that the sample is required. The form asks:

Do you think you may have a urine infection & have new symptoms?

A sample has been requested following a course of antibiotics.

You have Diabetes and it is for your annual review.

You have known kidney problems and it is for your annual review.

Sample is from a catheter.

If your GP asked you to bring in a sample (PLEASE SPECIFY THE REASON).

Full Name.

Date of Birth.

Date and time that the sample was taken.

Contact Telephone number.

If you think you have a urine infection there is a questionnaire that should be completed by yourself or your representative.  You can download the questionnaire here: Questionnaire for patients with suspected UTI or obtain one from the receptionist.

If the sample needs to be sent to the laboratory, it will need to be at the surgery by 11:00 as the courier comes at 12 and all samples for the hospital need to be processed, entered on the system and paperwork generated.